How WE Adams can inspire your progress

Inspirational Progress TM image

WE Adams is about inspiring progress. Inspirational Progress™ adds value to your business and your professional career using a conscientious, principled, detail-oriented approach to making your vision a reality.

We positively transform your organization and career by ensuring progress toward your big, inspiring vision.

As a successful business leader, you probably have a big, inspiring vision for the future of your organization. I give you the tools and guidance you need to turn those inspiring visions into concrete reality. WE Adams inspires progress through three Collaborative Business Success phases to make that dream a reality.

1b_Collaborative Business Success

What do these three phases look like as a process?

3b_Process by phase

Let’s get started!

Phase 1: Vision of Excellence

Before we climb a mountain, we need to know which summit we want to reach! We cannot develop an effective map if we are unsure of where we are headed. Our first phase is to spend time collaborating in order to develop clarity around the vision and create a picture of our destination. The output of Phase 1 is a vision in the form of an actionable business model that comprehensively encompasses both your organization’s mission and your financial goals. Vision of Excellence brings your key decision-makers into a committed alignment based on intrinsic motivation to reach the same summit.

4_Point of Phase 1

Phase 2: Planning

Now that we know where we are going, our second phase involves planning our journey. Have you ever experienced turning on your mobile device map for directions only to have it tell you that the GPS must be turned on first? It’s telling you that even if you know where you want to go, it cannot help you get there without knowing where you are now! After it determines where you are at that moment, the system can proceed with giving you the most effective map with the most reasonable alternative routes. Phase 2 is all about “turning on your GPS” and determining the most desirable route to reach the summit you envisioned in the Phase 1. The output of this phase is  a strategy with a detailed planning map which serves as a touchstone for your intrinsically motivated team.

Phase 2_01

Phase 3: Implementation

Now that we know the summit we want to reach and have a detailed map for getting there, it’s time to get moving! Phase 3 is about organizing ourselves for the trip, deciding roles and responsibilities, encouraging and inspiring the team for the journey, and measuring our progress. The output for this phase is “Inspirational Progress™” in moving toward our destination!

Phase 3_01

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