WE Adams Relationship Building

WE Adams with name

Relationship Building is an opportunity for you to begin a relationship with WE Adams. A good working relationship must be founded on comfort with each other in a spirit of openness and trust.

We all have our “elevator speeches” and marketing tools that keep us prepared for new opportunities. Relationship Building is a step beyond these to help you get to know WE Adams at a much deeper level. Below you will find out what might be said if we were to meet in a casual atmosphere. Hopefully Relationship Building will encourage you to reach out and explore what WE Adams might do to “inspire your progress.”

~ Walter Adams

Whom do I help?

I help clients who have BIVs (Big, Inspiring Visions) but who are not sure what the process is to make them happen. For example, I can help individual practices become scalable, growth-oriented businesses that achieve their missions while simultaneously improving their valuations; I can help established, growth-oriented businesses become strategic enterprises.


What problems do I help solve?

I help clients solve the problem of “how” to make their BIVs happen.  For example, I help clients move from one-off personality-based practices to effective process-driven businesses that allow owners to grow, acquire, improve cash flow, and retire with higher valuations.

What makes me different?

I focus on timeless business principles over the latest marketing-hyped fad.

I know how to leverage proven business principles and management tools so clients can communicate, plan, and implement their BIVs.

I distill a comprehensive reservoir of effective, efficient business principles into refined applicable, appropriate business processes that will lead clients to the fulfilment of their big, inspiring ideas.


What is the most common objection I hear?

Commonly, I hear prospective clients focus only on tweaking their business rather than first developing a comprehensive plan out of their BIV.

How do I typically respond to that objection?

I ask prospects if tweaking their business will achieve their overall mission while simultaneously doubling or tripling the value of their company – are their current plans going to bring them “Mission and Multiple”?

What other value do I bring?

I can help clients move from making a living to creating wealth while accomplishing their business mission. I understand how to improve cash flow and reduce the risk of those future cash flows (i.e., improve the business valuation) by leveraging a comprehensive set of proven business principles.

What is the bottom-line take-away for my clients?

My clients see their hard-earned, cherished business experience and knowledge transformed into a winning return by both accomplishing their mission and obtaining a handsome financial reward in the process.