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WE Adams with name

Working with WE Adams, you can expect conscientious, principled, detail-oriented engagements.

We know that there is more to a successful engagement than the “approach” and “tools.” Underneath it all is a relationship that is built around communication and trust. Here, I offer specific insights as to how I work with others. Why wait until a conference or our first coffee meeting to learn about me? Let’s get started!

Let me summarize upfront by stating that what you can expect is a conscientious, principled, and detail-oriented engagement as we turn your vision into reality.

Why you can expect this

Does the cryptic phrase, “INTJ, 4744, Good Citizen” mean anything to you? It is not likely that it does unless you are familiar with three very important self-assessments: Meyers-Briggs, Kolbe, and How to Fascinate (note: I am a Certified Kolbe Consultant and offer only the Kolbe assessment). Each assessment tells us something slightly different about ourselves; yet, when taken together they form a very comprehensive composite describing our affective preferences, how we actually initiate actions to accomplish our work, and, finally, how others tend to view us. Over the years, I have taken all three assessments and found them to be highly accurate in describing me. The purpose of each assessment is to help us understand ourselves as well as those with whom we interact and work. Thus, this information is not intended to be private and personal but open and organizationally oriented. This is why I am sharing this with you here.

In fact, by sharing these highly reliable and reputable assessments, I am demonstrating a “Good Citizen” trait. By outlining them here in a very organized and systematized manner, I am demonstrating my “4744” trait.

Let me explain!

The Meyers-Briggs me

Meyers-Briggs is an affective, personality type assessment which looks at “differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.” Our results are categorized in the following table:


I am “INTJ” which puts me in the Visioning quadrant, “Pulling people with ideas to an optimistic future.” Note that “I” means, introverted. Thus, I prefer to think things through on my own before presenting them to a group. I prefer to listen to you, taking time to nurture the seeds of your ideas in order to fully grasp the potential in your thoughts. I come back more fully prepared to engage you in the next step. I work dynamically as we meet and create together and then build on that experience offline. Through an iterative process, we create the model representing your vision.

The Kolbe me

Kolbe is another valuable assessment tool. Kolbe results are different in that “they don’t measure how smart you are (thinking) or what your personality is like (feeling). Rather, Kolbe Indexes measure how you naturally DO things.”

Kolbe evaluates us across four action modes that describe our conative make-up. Conative tendencies are innate and have to do with how we initiate activities. They typically do not and cannot be changed. My results are as follows:

Kolbe Walter

My “4744” orientation demonstrates that I have a natural and innate tendency to systematize, arrange, design, and follow through. Not surprisingly, I have a core competency in listening to people and mapping out their concepts in a clear, organized framework. I model your vision and then work with you to map the key components required to make it happen. From there, we develop a project plan with detailed steps outlining how to get it all done.

The Fascinate me

How to Fascinate is the third assessment and one that, combined with the others, completes my composite.  “Unlike other tests, this doesn’t measure how you see the world… it measures how the world sees you.”

Fascinate manifests three of our key traits. The first is our primary advantage. This is our primary mode of communication. The second is our secondary mode of communication. The third is our “dormant” advantage and represents our least comfortable mode of communication. When we are in an environment where we must rely on our dormant mode (say, a fast moving and constantly changing discussion around product innovation when we are least comfortable with that level of uncertainty and change), we are most ill at ease and anxious.

Fascinate describes, therefore, modes of communication whereby we “fascinate” others as well as the mode of communication that renders us least effective. The combination of our primary and secondary advantages makes up our “archetype.”


Not surprisingly given my Meyers-Briggs and Kolbe scores, my Fascinate archetype is the “Good Citizen,” a combination of building trust through dependable planning with alertness to detail. I inspire others to follow clearly defined plans that use well respected, tried and true methods. I seek to build trust by demonstrating how dependable these tried and true methods are. I keep everyone on track with the plan, keeping an eye for detail and making sure each step is complete.

The composite me

You might now see why I do the work that I do. Working with me you can expect:

  1. An iterative, progressive process to develop a model that fully captures your vision. I will listen, feed back to you, listen again, and feedback again until you are satisfied.
  2. A comprehensive and detailed plan of action to turn your vision into reality. I will work with you to define the scope, high level milestones, and key roles and responsibilities. From there, I will develop the detailed steps and keep your team on track.
  3. The most reliable and trusted strategic management and project management techniques to ensure that we are using the “the best of the best”  alongside our own vast experience. We will rest secure that we have the tools to succeed.

There you have it! I hope we have the opportunity to inspire this progress soon in your business and organization!

Walter Adams

Walter (2)

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